Acantholimon huetii
Acantholimon BOISS.
Acantholimon huetii BOISS.
Ömür: Çok yıllık
Yapı: çalı
Hayat formu:
İlk çiçeklenme zamanı: 6
Son çiçeklenme zamanı: 9
Habitat: kireçtaşı yamaç kayalıkları
Minimum yükseklik: 1900
Maksimum yükseklik: 2650
Endemik: endemik
Element: İran-Turan
Türkiye dağılımı: O. ve G. Anadolu
Genel dağılımı: Türkiye
Bulunduğu kareler: A6 A8 B6 C6
A. huetii Boiss., Fl. Or. 4:835 (1879).
  Laxly pulvinate shrublet. Leaves strongly glaucous, linear-lanceolate, 15-25 x c. 1 mm, sparsely puberulent to strongly velutinous. Scapes equal to or 2-3 x longer than leaves. Spikes 1-3-branched, terminally congested, densely distichous. Spikelets 5-10, 12-14 mm. Bracts usually pubescent; outer bract oblong-triangular, 5-6 mm, acute, cuspidate; inner bracts oblong-lanceolate, slightly longer than outer bract, with broadly hyaline margins. Calyx densely pilose up to middle of limb, limb 10-lobed, veins reaching margin or sometimes excurrent. Petals bright pink. Fl. 6-9. Rocky limestone slopes, 1900-2650 m.
  Type: [Turkey A8 Erzurum] in Armenia Turcica supra Maimansour, [viii 1853], Huet du Pavilion (holo. G!).
  C. & S. Anatolia. A6 Sivas/Tokat: Çamlibel Da. between Artova and Tokat, D. 24868! Bβ Maraş: d. Göksun, Binboğa Da. above Yalak, D. 19924! C6 Maraş: Berit Tepe, N.N.W. of Maraş, 2650 m, Watson 383!
  Endemic. Ir.-Tur. element. Related to A. glumaceum, but differing in its glaucous leaves, pubescent scapes and bracts, and general facies. The above description has been considerably amplified compared to the original diagnosis in order to reflect the variation in recently collected material.