Cyclamen repandum var. rhadense
C. repandum Sm. in Sibth. & Sm., Prodr. Fl. Graec. 1:128 (1806). Syn: C. vernale sensu O.Schwarz in Feddes Rep. 58:243 (1955) p.p. non Miller (11768).
Tuber small, 1 • 5-3 5(-6) cm diam., usually depressed-globose, pubescent, rooting from base. Leaves appearing a little before flowers in early spring, broadly cordate, to 13 cm long and about as wide, often angled or shortly lobed, with or without marbling, margins coarsely and bluntly toothed or shortly lobed, rarely subentire. Corolla bright or pale pink or rarely white, with an ill-defined darker basal zone, lobes exauriculate, to 3 cm, narrow, twisted. Style shortly exserted. Fruiting pedicels coiling from apex. Fl. 3-5. In Pinus brutia woodland, and Quercus phrygana, 150-460 m.
1. Corolla bright cerise-pink var. repandum
1. Corolla white or pale pink with a contrasting darker pink basal zone var. rhodense
var. repandum. Ic: Sibth. & Sm., Fl. Graeca 2: t. 186 (1816); Saunders, Cyclamen 25, f. 10(1973).
Var. repandum occurs in S. Europe (S. France to Aegean). Schwarz's records of C. repandum from Samos and Ikaria in fact belong to C. hederifolium (q.v.). It therefore seems likely that his three Anatolian records of C. repandum (Bl Izmir: Smyrna, 1859, Kotschy Suppl. 372; C5 Adana: Misis, O.Schwarz; C6 Hatay: Belen, Hausskn.) are also wrongly identified.
var. rhodense Meikle in J. Roy. Hort. Soc. 90:291, f. 121 (1965). Syn: C. rhodium R. Gorer in Feddes Rep. 86:491 (1975). 2n = 20.
Type: [Rodhos] Mt. Prophitis Elias, N.W. slope, c. 150 m, iv 1961, L. Palmer 4 (holo. K!).
Islands. Is: Rodhos, Salakos, D. 40323! mt. Philerimos, 180 m, iv 1960, Ogilvie-Grantl mt. Prophitis Elias, 150 m, Briimmitt 6412! Endemic to Rodhos. E. Medit. element.