Erysimum alpestre
E. alpestre Kotschy ex Boiss., Fl. Or. 1: 202 (1867). Syn: E. sintenisianum
Bornm. in Feddes Rep. Beih. 89(1): 32 (1936)!
Perennial herb, somewhat caespitose. Stems ascending-erect, 5-15 cm, some-what canescent, with an indumentum of bifid hairs. Lower leaves forming rosettes, oblanceolate-spathulate, entire, or with one or two small teeth at each side; stem leaves similar or somewhat narrower; all with an indumentum of predominantly 2-fid hairs, but usually a few 3-5-fid hairs present as well. Flowers almost sessile. Sepals 4-6(-7) mm. Petals bright pale yellow, 7-10 mm. Siliquae spreading, flexuous, terete to 4-angled, canescent with 3-5-fid hairs, 15-25 mm. Style 2-4 mm, stigma bifid. Fl. 4-7. Screes, rocky slopes, 1300-4300 m.
Type: [Turkey C5 Seyhan] in regione alpina districtu Kassan Oglu Ciliciae Kurdicae prope Gorumse, Kotschy suppl. 92.
C. & E. Anatolia. A7 Gümüşane: Ak Taş, Sint. 1894: 7489 (type of E. sintenis-ianum)! B5 Kayseri: Ercias Da., Kotschy 200! B6 Sivas: Sivas, 1300-1400 m, Bornm. 3242! B9 Bitlis: Nemrut Da., 2300 m, D. 23567! Van: Artos Da., 3400 m, D. 22870! C6 Maraş: Berit Da., 3000 m, Hausskn.!
Endemic Ir.-Tur. element; morphologically close to E. gelidum.