Jurinea pontica
Jurinea CASS.
Ömür: Çok yıllık
Yapı: ot
Hayat formu:
İlk çiçeklenme zamanı: 6
Son çiçeklenme zamanı: 8
Habitat: orman, step,tarla, yamaç
Minimum yükseklik: 50
Maksimum yükseklik: 1450
Endemik: endemik
Element: İran-Turan
Türkiye dağılımı: O. Anadolu ve komşu K. Anadolu
Genel dağılımı: Türkiye
Bulunduğu kareler :A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 C3 C4
J. pontica Hausskn. & Freyn ex Hausskn. in Mitt. Geogr. Ges. Thür. 9:18 (1891). Syn: J. anatolica Boiss. var. microcephala Freyn, loc. cit., pro syn.; J. pontica var. intercedens Bornm. & subsp. paphlagonica Bornm. in Feddes Rep. Beih. 89:365-6 (1944); J. paphlagonica (Bornm.) Soják in Novit. Bot. & Del. Sem. Hort. Bot. Univ. Carol. Prag. 1962:48 (1962). Map 49, p. 449.
  Perennial. Stems 20-70(-125) cm, usually branched above, diameter ranging from 2-6 mm at base to 1-2 mm above, leafy throughout. Radical leaves 3-12 cm, pinnatisect, lobes narrowly linear with revolute margin; median cauline leaves decurrent, pinnatisect, 1.5-7 cm; uppermost leaves entire, linear (2-25 x 1-2 mm), longer ones decurrent. Stem and leaf indumentum as in J. consanguinea. Capitula usually many (5-15), borne on (l-)5-20 cm branchlets. Involucre subglobose,
15 x 10-20 mm; phyllaries 6-7-seriate, (9O-)1OO-13O; outer 2-4 x 1 mm, median 4-7 x 1 mm, herbaceous, arachnoid, with glabrous, black, reflexed to erect tips; inner 10-12 x 1-2 mm, glabrous, spinescent and erect. Flowers purple. Achenes smooth to longitudinally striate, 3 mm. Pappus hairs barbellate. Fl. 6-8. Woods, steppe, fields and slopes, 50-1450 m.
  Type: [Turkey A5/6 Amasya] Arnasia, Bornmüller 543 (as J. anatolica var. microcephala Freyn).
  Mainly C. & adjacent N. Anatolia. A2(A) Bilecik: Bilecik, 200 m, Bornm. 1899:4682. A3 Sakarya: Sapanca G., 50 m, D. 36217! A4 Çankiri: Çakmakli De., 800 m, Bornm. 1929:14307! A5 Çorum: Tosya to Osmancik, nr Haçi-Hamza, 300-400 m, Bornm. 1890:2255 (type of subsp. paphlagonica). A6 Samsun: above Samsun, 610 m, Molloy 29! B2 Kütahya: Gediz, 850 m, D. 36627! B3 Eskişehir: 24 km from Polatlı to Sivrihisar, 800 m, Coode & Jones 2253! B4 Ankara: 86 km S.W. of Sungurlu, 930 m, M.Zohary et al. 117738! B5 Kayseri/Yozgat: Caesarea (Kayseri) to Yozgat, 1300 m, Bornm. 1890:2253. B6 Sivas: 25 km from Sivas to Tecer, 1430 m, Hub.-Mor. 15859! B7 Sivas: Divriki (Divriği), Bornm. 1893:3398 (syntype of var. intercedens). C3 Konya:
16 km from Beyşehir to Konya, M.&D.Zohary 3047! C4 Konya: 44 km from Beyşehir to Konya, Hub.-Mor. 9465!
  Endemic. Ir.-Tur. element. A few specimens have been seen which are transitional between this species and J. consanguinea. Starved specimens tend to be sparsely branched but with well developed flowering buds in the axils of the upper cauline leaves; capitula tend to be smaller and with erect-tipped outer phyliaries. These are the main differential characters of Bornmüller's J. pontica subsp. paphlagonica and var. intercedens (op. cit.). Material from Filyos river in A4 Zonguldak (Yenice to Balikisik, 100-200 m, D. 37919! Çimşir De. gorge behind Yenice, 300-400 m, D. 37919! Yenice, Kühne 1105!) differs from J. pontica in having entire, oblanceolate cauline leaves ((3-)5-12 x 1-3.5 cm); this distinct form (whose status remains in doubt) appears to be linked to typical J. pontica byBornmüller's infraspecific taxa (described as having entire or few-lobed leaves), the types of which we have not seen.