Symphytum armeniacum

S. armeniacum Bucknall in J. Linn. Soc. (Bot.) 41:520, f. 1 (1913).
Puberulous perennial. Lower leaves oblong-ovate, acute, attenuate, decurrent; upper sessile, amplexicaul. Flowers c. 20. Calyx 5 mm, divided to 3/4, lobes linear, obtuse. Corolla blue, 13-15 mm; scales 6 mm, linear, obtuse, barely exceeding stamens. Nutlets unknown.
Type: 'Armenia', Calvert 222 (holo. CGE!). (Probably collected between Erzurum and Trabzon.)
N.E. Anatolia. A9 Kars: without precise locality, Birand 153.
Endemic. Euxine element? Related to S. asperum.