Vicia erzurumica

Vicia erzurumica
Vicia erzurumica Demirkuş & Erik in Willdenowia 28: 154, f. 3, (1998). [Sect. Cracca S.F. Gray].
Glabrous perennial. Stem short, up to 10 cm, thin, wiry, much-branched, with subterranean stolons. Leaves paripinnate; rachis ending in a 1 mm long, blunt mucro.
Leaflets usually 5-paired, 4-8 x 2-4 mm, oblong-obovate. truncate and mucronulate at apex, oblique at base, glabrescent; lamina white-punctate: margins revolute. Stipules
2—4 mm, broadly lanceolate, obviously semisagittate, cuspidate to caudate at apex, entire. Flowers solitary in leaf axils, 13-20 mm, pale yellow, purple when dry. Calyx
6 mm, obliquely campanulate; teeth triangular, acuminate, slightly villose, tinged purple; upper tooth acuminate, 2.5 mm, lowers triangular, 2mm. Standard platonychioid, glabrous, purplish veined up to apex, apex obcordate, limb 12 mm, claw 8 mm; wings 16-18 mm with claw 8 mm; keel 13-14 mm with claw 8 mm. Ovary up to 13 x 1 mm, glabrous, 5-6-ovulate. Style 4-5 mm, curved, laterally compressed, pubescent all round immediately below the stigma, tufted above. Legume oblanceolate. up to 27 x 7 mm with a 4—5 mm curved beak, glabrous. Seeds 2-4(-6),3.5 x 3 mm, oblong-orbicular, slightly compressed, testa thin, smooth. Fl. 6. Stony slopes in Pinus sylvestris forest, stony places, 1900-1950 m.
Type Turkey
, A8 Erzurum: Tortum, Azort, Azort orman yolu [Azort forestry road], taşlık alanlar [stony places], 1900 m, 20 vii 1995, N. Demirkuş 4481 (holo. HUB!; iso.
HUB!. GAZI!. B).
NE. Anatolia. A8 Erzurum: Tortum, between Azort Kö. and Ya.. 1950 m, N. Demirkuş 2176.
Endemic: Ir.-Tur. element. Known only from the type locality. A very distinct species with no close relatives. However, in habit and habitat it resembles V. glareosa
P.H.Davis from the Munzur Da. above Ovacik in Tunceli. It is distinguished from V. glareosa by its 5-paired leaves, truncate-mucronulate leaflets, shorter peduncles and