Moltkia longifolia (Bertol)Wettst.


M. longifolia (Bertol.) Wettst. in Öst. Bot. Zeitschr. 67:368 (1918). Syn: Echium longifolium Bertol., Misc. Bot. 1:15 (1842); M. angustifolia DC, Prodr. 10:72 (1846).
Type: [Iraq] ex oris Euphraticis, Chesney 188.
Confirmation of the occurrence of this species in S.E. Anatolia is needed. It differs from M. coerulea in being usually more than 20(-30) cm tall, with narrower, linear and usually folded cauline leaves, calyx sessile in fruit, and smaller nutlets c. 0.75 mm. A gathering from C7 Urfa: 'chalk hills E. of Birecik', iv 1855, Loftus 55 (BM!) approaches M. longifolia but is less tall (c. 9 cm tall) and lacks nutlets. Layard's collection from 'mountains of Kurdistan' (?Van, Hakkari or N. Iraq) is referable to this species.