F. lunarioides (Willd.) Sibth. & Sm.?.



F. lunarioides (Willd.) Sibth. & Sm., Fl. Graeca. 7:22, t. 625 (1830). Syn: Alyssum lunarioides Willd., Sp. PI. 3(1): 461 (1800).

Small shrub, stems up to 30 cm, stellate-hairy. Leaves oblong-oblanceolate, entire, canescent with stellate hairs. Fruiting raceme somewhat conferted. Sepals 7-9 mm. Petals yellow, 12-16 mm. Siliculae obovate to elliptic, somewhat acute at both ends, asperous-canescent with stellate hairs. Seed wing about as broad as seed. Fl. 4. Limestone cliffs.
Described from the Cyclades - Stenosa, Philocandro & Anapho. Islands. Khalki, limestone N facing cliffs under castle nr. Khorio, 1964, Gathorne-Hardy!
Aegean Is. The above is the first record of the species from outside the Cyclades. E. Medit. element.