Spinaca tetrandra Stev.


S. tetrandra Stev. in Mem. Soc. Nat. Mosc. 2: 182 (1809). Ic: Fl. Armenii 2: t. 76 (1956).
Description as for genus. Fl. 5-7. Waste land, fields, salty lakes.
Described from 'Kurdistan'.
Recorded by Ulbrich (Nat. Pfianzenfam. ed. 2, 16c: 502) from Phrygia and Armenia. No specimens have been seen, and the records require confirmation. The species occurs in N. Africa and W. & C. Asia. S. oleracea L. (Spinach; Turkish Ispanak), with large triangular-sagittate leaves, and bracteoles of the female flowers not united, is cultivated as a vegetable.