Epilobium confusum HAUSSKN.

Epilobium confusum HAUSSKN

E. confusum Hausskn. in Öst. Bot. Zeitschr. 29:151 (1879). Ic: Léveillé, Ic. Epil. t. 133 (1910).
Erect rhizomatous perennial; stems 10-50 cm, simple, crisped hairy, with 2 raised lines arising from the decurrent leaf bases. Leaves narrowly ovate or lanceolate, 1-3 x 0.4-1 cm, glabrous though with hairy margins and veins, serrulate, subsessile. Inflorescence crisped-hairy though with some glandular hairs. Flowers pale pink; petals 4-5.5 mm; stigma entire. Capsule 4-5 cm; seeds elliptic with an attenuate base, 1.3-1.5 mm, with a pellucid beak, papillose. FL 7. Marshes, water meadows, etc., 1670-2350 m.
Lectotype: (Soviet Armenia) in Armenia Ruthenica, Daratschitschan, 1837, C. Koch (LE, photo E! JE!)-fide Raven, op. cit. 195.
E. Anatolia, rare. A8/9 Çoruh: S. of Ardanuç (Grossheim 6: map 283). A9 Kars: Sarikamiş, 2100 m, D. 30775! N. side of Akçay to Cumaçay pass, E. of Kağizman. 2350 m, D. 46770! B9 Van: Darnis Aşagi, N. of Çatak, 2200 m, 1936, Frödin! Ağri: 2 km S.W. of Hamur, 1670 m, D. 44162! C10 Hakkari: 32 km . from Yüksekova to Şemdinli, 1950 m, D. 45160!
Asia, E. to Afghanistan. Ir.-Tur. element. A distinctive species on account of its large seeds and simple stems.