Veronica orientalis MILLER
subsp. carduchorum P. H. DAVIS EX M. A. FISCHER

Veronica L.
Veronica orientalis MILLER subsp. carduchorum P. H. DAVIS EX M. A. FISCHER
Ömür: Çok yıllık
Yapı: odunsu ot
Hayat formu:
İlk çiçeklenme zamanı: 4
Son çiçeklenme zamanı: 7
Habitat: ormanlar, çalılıklar, bozkırlar, otlaklar, çayırlıklar, kalkerli ve volkanik yamaçlar
Minimum yükseklik: 850
Maksimum yükseklik: 3050
Endemik: endemik
Element: İran-Turan
Türkiye dağılımı: D. Anadolu
Genel dağılımı: Türkiye
Bulunduğu iller
Bulunduğu kareler : A9 B6 B7 B9 C7

V. orientalis Miller, Gard. Dict. ed. 8, no. 10 (1768). Syn: V, anisophylla C.Koch in Linnaea 17:287(1843); V. noëana Boiss., Diagn. ser. 2(3): 168 (1856); V. multifida L. subsp. orientalis (Miller) Elenevsky in Byull. Mosk. Obshch. Isp. Prirod., Biol. 82(1): 155 (1977). Ic: Boul., FI. Lib. Syr.: t. 316 f. 1 (1930); Feddes Rep. 79: t. 6 f. 16, t. 7 f. 19 (1935) (latter as V. anisophylla).
Perennial, 7-45 cm, woody at base to suffruticose, usually strongly branched at base, stems suberect, ascending, decumbent or shortly repent, puberulent or pubescent with 0.05-0.5(-0.7) mm eglandular hairs, rarely glabrous. Leaves sub-sessile, 6-40 x 1-13 mm, apex acute to rounded, base usually ± cuneate, puberulent or shortly pubescent with 0.05-0.4 mm eglandular hairs or glabrous; lower leaves lanceolate, elliptic, broadly lanceolate-ovate or suborbicular, margin flat or slightly revolute, coarsely (sometimes irregularly or deeply) ± remotely serrate, rarely crenate or subentire, with 2-6(-8) teeth per side; upper leaves narrower, linear or linear-lanceolate, margin distinctly revolute, entire. Axils of leaves often with linear-leaved initials of lateral branches. Racemes l-6(-8), ± opposite, 3-10(-14) cm, 10-50(-60)-flowered. axis and pedicels puberulent or pubescent with always eglandular hairs, peduncle 2-5(-7) cm. Pedicels 2-9 mm, 0.4-2 x bracts. Calyx 2-4(-6) mm, lobes 4-5, linear to oblong-lanceolate, pubescent, puberulent or glabrous. Corolla blue, pink or white, 7-12(-l6) mm diam. Style 2.5-5(-6) mm. Capsule obcordate, 2.5-4x4-6 mm, subequalling calyx, puberulent or glabrous, with rather shallow sinus, base ± cuneate. Seeds c. 2-10, ovate to suborbicular, c. 1-2.5 x 1-1.5 mm, convex, rugose. Fl. 4-7. Forests, scrub, steppe, pastures, meadows, calcareous and igneous slopes and scree, fallow fields, yards, castle ruins and wet places, 850-3050 m.
 1. Hairs of stem, leaves and racemes retrorse to curved downwards, 0.05-0.2 mm; leaves densely pubescent, ± greyish subsp. carduchorum
 1. Hairs of stem, leaves and racemes curved upwards or ± crisp
  2. Stems and racemes with dense ± patent ± crisp 0.2-0.7 mm hairs; leaves densely pubescent (often slightly greyish) with upward-curved or slightly crisp 0.2-0.4 mm hairs; often ± blackening when dry  subsp. nimrodi
   2. Stems and racemes with upward-curved, usually ± adpressed 0.05-0.3 mm hairs or glabrous; leaves sparsely puberulent, often only near margin, with upward curved ± adpressed 0,05-0.2(-0.3) mm hairs or especially lower often glabrous, often ± glaucous  subsp. orientalis
subsp. carduchorum P. H.Davis ex M.A.Fischer in Pl. Syst. Evol. 128:297(1977).
Type: Turkey B9 Bitlis: in petrosis montis Pelli Dağ supra pago Pelli, c. 3000 m, 7 vii 1954, Davis& O.Polunin, D. 22483 (holo. E! iso. BM! K!).
E. Anatolia; rare. B9 Bitlis: Pelli Da. above Pelli, 2590 m, D. 22453! Van: d. Gevaş, Artos Da., 3500 m, D. 22850! N. side of Erek Da., above Değirmenköy, 2400 m, D. 44451! C10 Hakkari: Mor Da., S.E. side, 3250 m, Watson et al. 2992!
Endemic. This subspecies resembles V. thymoides subsp. hasandaghensis in indumentum.
Distribution of species: Transcaucasia, N. Iraq, N. Iran, Syria, Lebanon. Ir.-Tur. element. Extremely variable. Intermediates between V. orientalis and V. multifida seem to be rather common, and have been named V. parvifolia Vahl (Enum. 1:72, 1804). Examples include A9 Kars: Çildir to Kars, 1970 m, A. Bay top (ISTE 33444)! B7 Tunceli: Pertek to Tunceli, 40 km from Elaziğ, 1400 m, D. 29122 p.p.! B6/C7 Malatya: Doğanşehir to Pazarcik, mt. above Reşadiye, 1300 m, D. 27708! C7 Urfa: Nemrut Da. above (30 km W. of) Urfa, iii 1867, Hausskn.!